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Community Security

Top Safety Tips for Your Home

  1. Keep a light on even if away from the home to scare off intruders.
  2. Ensure doors and windows are kept locked securely (call Rising View Maintenance to report any -issues with locks in the home).
  3. Ask a neighbor/friend/co-worker to watch your home if leaving. for holidays.
  4. Make sure valuables are kept out of sight in vehicles as well as in home (example: in the trunk of the car or not in plain sight from windows of home).
  5. Supervise children at all times and make sure they are playing in safe areas only.
  6. Keep pets on your property and make sure they have proper identification.
  7. Make sure sidewalks/driveways are cleared from snow and ice to prevent falls.
  8. Report any exterior street light outages/power outages to OPPD as well as Rising View Maintenance.
  9. Every family should have a severe weather/tornado/flood/fire safety plan in place and practiced. Report any suspicious activity to Security Forces and/or Sarpy County Police immediately.
  10. Report any suspicious activity to Securty Forces and/or Sarpy County Police immediately.

Fire Briefing

Click below for a presentation of Home Fire Prevention so you can quickly obtain the contact information and details.

Lawn Care Contractors

Lucky Stars Lawn & Snow

(402) 881-5480

New Customers - Prepay 4 mows and get the 5th mow FREE with code "RVMOW"!!! ($25 value) $25

True Life Lawn and Landscaping/ Snow Removal

(402) 429-9770

Mow for yards with no fence - $20
6 Step Lawn Maintenance Program - $250 for Active Duty and Retired Military
$25 Flat Rate up to 6" Prices Vary for More than 6" Please Call for Additional Prices on Snow Removal Over 6"

Falcon Lawns

(402) 292-9835

$25-$35. Retired Air Force. Accept all credit cards and Pay Pal. Free weed spay with mowing service.

Snow Removal

Per the resident handbook, residents are responsible for the removal of snow and ice as needed. Residents need to begin removing snow/ice from their driveways and sidewalks promptly after snowfall has stopped. The resident handbook also requires the removal of parked vehicles from the street so we are better able to facilitate the removal of snow from the community streets. Let's make walking to and from school as well as travel throughout the community as safe as possible!

Cutting Edge

Snow Removal

(402) 429-9770

$25 Flat Rate up to 6" Prices Vary for More than 6" Please Call for Additional Prices on Snow Removal Over 6"

Inspection Ready LLC.

(402) 999-3020

Don't slip and fall, give us a call!
Single Driveway - Starting at $15
Double Driveway- Starting at $20


Cox Communications:

(402) 505-8080

Direct TV:

(877) 720-3428


(800) 280-4388

Interior Cleaning Contractors

Interior Cleaning Contractors

All cleaners on the list guarantee a passing final for cleaning***

Call cleaners to set up a time to come to your home for a price quote. Just getting a price quote isn’t the same as signing a contract. You must sign a contract with one of the cleaners for a guaranteed Final.

***Interior cleaning does not include carpet cleaning or exterior cleaning unless noted in your contract***

Inspection Ready

(402) 999-3020

Specializing in military standard house cleaning and carpet cleaning. See reviews on Google, Facebook, & BBB. Call 402.999.3020 to schedule your in-home assessment.

5 - Star General Cleaning Services

On-base access*

Your dirt is our business.

Cell (primary)

(402) 926-1480


(402) 933-0386

Retired Military – Been in your shoes & we get it! Credit and debit cards accepted.


Amal Thomas

(857) 452-2224

We give you a peace of mind that everything will be done right.

L.C.'s Cleaning Service

(402) 681-2702

LC will do the Inside and out bid for cleaning.

Light Switch Cleaning

Kirk Engel

(402) 707-5458

Frontier Cleaning

On-base access*

Dennis Smith

(402) 650-0057

I've been where you're at. Text Inquiries Accepted.

Bumble Bee

Judith Tindall

(402) 980-1119


Don’t stress. We'll clean the mess. Interior/Exterior – We'll leave your house squeaky clean inside & out!

Favila's Cleaning

(402) 238-0331

We clean your home top to bottom with a professional cleaning.

Fresh Beginnings Cleaning Service

On-base access*

(402) 738-0333

Military member owned business. Insured, registered and accredited by the BBB We are experts at outdoor and indoor cleaning services. "We’re not happy till you're happy"

Homestead Cleaning Services, LLC

Erin Mattson

(531) 444-6684

Pineapple Cleaning

On-base access*

"A sweet touch of clean"

(402) 983-2746

Military spouse & partner cleaning.

Exterior/Lawn Cleaning Contractors

All cleaners on the list guarantee a passing final***

Call cleaners to set up a time to come to your home for a price quote. Just getting a price quote isn’t the same as signing a contract. You must sign a contract with one of the cleaners for a guaranteed Final. Also please note having the lawn mowed, edged and clippings cleaned up by a mowing company is not the same as a full exterior clean, windows, porch/patio, flower bed cleanup, mulch and full lawn services.

***Weather permitting ***

5 - Star General Cleaning Services

On-base access*


(402) 926-1480


(402) 933-0386

One Stop Service Retired Military and Family Business. Credit Cards accepted!

L.C.'s Cleaning Service

"Quality is our work"

(402) 455-6275 (402) 681-2702

Cleaning government and commercial contracting.


Anal Thomas(857) 452-2224

We give you a peace of mind that everything will be done right.

Bumble Bee

Judith Tindall (402) 980-1119

Don't stress. We'll clean the mess. Interior/Exterior – We'll leave your house squeaky clean inside & out!

Light Switch Cleaning

Kirk Engel

(402) 707-5458

Inside and outside cleaning.

Frontier Cleaning

On-base access*

Dennis Smith

(402) 650-0057

I've been where you're at. Text inquiries accepted.

Favila's Cleaning

(402) 238-0331

We'll clean your home top to bottom with a professional cleaning.

Fresh Beginnings Cleaning Service

On-base access*

(402) 738-0333

Military member owned business. Insured, registered and accredited by the BBB We are experts at outdoor and indoor cleaning services. "We’re not happy till you're happy"

Carpet Cleaning

***All carpeting must be clean, stain free, odor/fragrance free, and completely dry at the time of final inspection. If not, you may/will be charged for professional cleaning/replacement.***

Best Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

(402) 393-6110

Inspection Ready Carpet Cleaning

(402) 999-3020

Carpet Information and Cleaning Requirements

Click below for more information on carpets and cleaning requirements at Rising View.

Trash Collection Information

Keep your home and yard tidy by removing old/unused newspapers, picking up pet waste, and picking up any trash/debris.

Papillion Sanitation & Recycling provides the residents of Rising View with quality trash and yard waste collection. If you have any questions please call the Papillion Sanitation & Recycling Office at (402) 346-7800. (Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. - answering machine for after hours).

Trash & Yard Waste

Contact the Rising View Leasing Office at (402) 991-9840 for information on trash/yard pick-up for your area.

Trash Collection

Please have all items at the curb by 7:30 a.m. on your trash day.

Here are a few tips on using our 90 gallon trash and yard waste carts:

  • Please bag all loose garbage before placing in the cart to reduce windblown litter in your neighborhood.
  • Please try to get all garbage into the provided carts.
  • We will pick up additional material as long as it is bundled or bagged.
  • Place your cart away from mailboxes, cars, fences, etc. Branches and Brush – These items are considered trash.
  • Please cut into 4-foot lengths and tie in bundles 3 ½ feet in circumference and place beside the trash cart.
  • Boxes – Please cut and flatten the boxes so they can fit into your container.
  • Please do not dispose motor oils, antifreeze, car batteries or appliances in your waste cans.
  • Contact the Maintenance Office at (402) 991-9820 for information on how to properly dispose these items.

Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste is defined as grass and leaves only, and is banned from landfills, November 30th through April 1st. Your disposal options include mulching, composting or having us haul it to a compost site.

If you are interested in using the yard waste service please call Papillion Sanitation's office at (402) 346-7800 to schedule delivery of a yard waste container.

Our service includes the use of a 90-gallon cart for yard waste only.

  • We do pick up extra yard waste outside the provided container if paper biodegradable bags are used.
  • No plastic bags can be used.
  • You cannot mix trash with your yard waste.

Recycling Collection

Papillion Sanitation does not recycle glass in this area. Residents can put their glass items in with their regular trash or take it to a drop off point for recycling.


Aluminum and Tin

Rinse out all food and beverage containers. We now accept formed aluminum containers (example: disposable pie plates). We also accept clean aluminum foil, tin cans and aluminum cans.

Aerosol Cans and Paint Cans

These cans MUST be empty, (example hairspray, and deodorant). Paint cans MUST have paint removed.


Place in the bins, newspaper (including advertising supplement), magazines, brown grocery bags, telephone books, catalog, office paper, junk mail, envelopes (any type). We accept empty chipboard (example: cereal boxes), wet strength carrier stock (example: 12 pack beverage boxes), frozen food packages (example: TV dinner boxes) and juice boxes.


At this time we collect 1 thru 7 plastic containers. To recognize these, please look at the bottom of the container for the recycling symbol 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Rinse and place in bin. (Examples: pop bottles, milk bottles, detergent bottles, bleach bottles, butter tubs, sour cream cartons, dip containers).


Place under bin clean corrugated cardboard boxes or shipping boxes. Break down or cut boxes so they are flat and no longer then 2 X 2 ft.

We do not take:

Glass, styrofoam, plates, rubber bands, plastic bags, soiled paper (example: pizza boxes), tissue paper, paper towels, or wax-coated paper.

Holiday Schedule

The landfill is closed on the following holidays so service will be delayed one day following the holiday, unless the holiday falls on a weekend. Any collection days before the holiday will be on regular schedule. Only the collection days on or following the holiday will be delayed one day.

  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Day

Family Transition Plan

Rising View Community understands the stress every family faces when moving to a new area. Our goal is to assist families with reducing or eliminating obstacles while trying to settle into a new community. The Rising View team is dedicated to providing the best customer care possible. We hope the information listed here will provide you and your family many answers to your transitional needs.

Offutt Resources

  • Offutt Enlisted Spouses Club
  • Airman & Family Readiness Center


  • Bellevue Public Schools
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Bellevue University
  • College of St. Mary
  • Metropolitan Community College


  • CareerLink

Furniture Rental


  • WoodSpring Suites
  • Courtyard by Marriott
  • Settle Inn
  • Holiday Inn Express

Area Information

  • Offutt Air Force Base
  • Bellevue Chamber of Commerce
  • Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce


  • Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Strategic Air and Space Museum
  • Fontenelle Forest


  • Summer Kitchen Cafe & Bakery
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Ruby Tuesday
  • La Mesa


  • Nebraska Medical Center
  • Bellevue Medical Center
  • Creighton University Medical Center
  • Methodist Health System
  • Children’s Healthcare Services
  • Midland’s Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of most commonly asked questions regarding life at Rising View. If you need additional information please contact our office.

Who is eligible to live at Rising View?

Rising View is open to everyone, including active military members, single unaccompanied, families, and civilians. If you would like to live in one of our neighborhoods, please contact our office for more information.

Do I have to sign a lease?

Residents are asked to sign a 12-month lease; however, if you are a military member and are deployed or receive orders to PCS you will be released from your agreement with thirty (30) days notice and a copy of the orders.

If I’m deployed or on a remote tour, can my spouse sign a lease on my behalf?

Your spouse must have a special Power of Attorney (POA) in order to sign a lease or provide notice to vacate privatized/military housing on behalf of the military member. Contact the JAG/legal office for assistance.

How much is my rent?

If you are a military member the amount of your rent is set at your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) “with dependent” rate. If you are a non-military member contact our office for more information regarding rates.

I'm in the military and I have a change in grade. Will my rent increase?

In this instance, your rent amount will be adjusted to coincide with the change in grade; however, the rent amount will never be more than your BAH “with dependent” rate. We ask that you please contact our office within five (5) days of the change so we can make the necessary updates to your account.

How much will I pay in utilities?

Absolutely nothing! Rising View pays for gas, water, electric, sewer and trash removal! Think of the savings!

What about home maintenance?

Everyone living at Rising View deserves a quality home. We are proud to provide residents with 24-hour emergency maintenance. Our trained technicians are committed to providing you the best in customer service.

How long will it take to get repairs done in my home?

We take every maintenance request seriously and do our best to respond in a timely manner, based on the severity of the request. Response time for emergency requests is one hour, 24 hours for urgent requests and three days for routine requests.

Does Rising View help with preventative maintenance?

If your home has a basement please double-check that your window wells are not missing a cover or have a broken cover on them. Also, remember to change your air filters regularly. Both window well covers and air filters are provided free of charge through our Maintenance Self-Help Store. These are both items that are extremely important to remember for preventative maintenance!

What is the self-help store?

Rising View is now offering delivery service for our self help items such as furnace filters, window well covers, etcetera! This service will be available Monday through Friday 7:00AM-5:00PM. The self-help store will still be open on Saturdays from 9:00AM-12:00PM but you will need to stop by the office to pick them up. We would prefer that you be home when we deliver these items but we would be glad to deliver them to your front door if that is not possible. Please call Rising View Maintenance Office at 991-9820 or email us for delivery service.

Do I have to mow my yard?

All residents are responsible for mowing their yard. This also includes edging and trimming shrubs. Residents are free to landscape their yards to enhance the overall beauty. Contact the leasing or maintenance office if you have questions about landscaping.

I don’t have a lawnmower. What can I do?

Rising View provides a list of contractors to assist you in maintaining your lawn.

I’m a military member who will be deployed. Can someone take care of my lawn while I’m away?

Yes, America First Communities provides a list of contractors to assist you in maintaining your lawn during your absence.

What if my neighbor doesn’t take care of his yard?

Yard inspections are held periodically throughout the community. If someone violates the requirements set forth in the handbook regarding yard maintenance, then the resident will be contacted to take care of the yard.

Are there yard inspections?

Yes, each week there are oversights done for yard inspections. The dates of inspections vary but they are done continually to ensure the community is kept well-maintained and beautiful.

Can I have a storage shed in my yard?

Storage sheds are welcome to be placed in your backyard area (contact Maintenance Office for specifications if you're interested in obtaining one). As a reminder, storage shed doors as well as garage doors must remain closed when not in use.

What are the requirements for the Yard of the Month winners?
  • No oversight infractions for that month.
  • Landscaping is well maintained as to cutting, edging, watering, and fertilizing.
  • No weeds in sidewalks and/or driveways.
  • Families that utilize their creativity to make their home beautiful.
  • Rising View will select one home in each village (if applicable) last day of the month or first day of next month due to calendar date.
Where are Rising View's homes severe weather shelters located?

In case of severe weather we would like to advise residents to locate severe weather shelters in their homes as well as find others around the Bellevue/Offutt community. Any room (lower level of the home if possible) without a window or one not along an exterior wall is an option as well as under the staircase. Click here for more information and tips on how to deal with severe weather.

Are my house keys on a master key?

No. All homes have individual keys.

Who handles snow removal?

All residents are responsible for shoveling their driveways and sidewalks. Rising View has contracted with an outside vendor for snow removal in the street. During heavy snowfall we ask for everyone’s cooperation and patience during the process.

Is there someone I can contact if I’m unable to remove snow from my driveway or sidewalk?

If you are deployed or the spouse of a deployed military member and need assistance, please contact a vendor from our list of contractors.

Who provides security in the community?

Security Forces from Offutt Air Force Base will maintain security throughout the community; however, residents can call 911 for emergencies.

Are firearms permitted in the community?

Air Force Policy requires all privately owned weapons stored in family/privatized housing be registered with the local installation (AFI 31-101 para The 55th Security Forces Armory is the registering entity for Rising View residents; phone # (402) 294-4806. Also, "Federal law prohibits carrying a concealed weapon on a military installation without written permission from the Installation Commander." The Nebraska statute prohibits the carrying or possession of a firearm anywhere in Nebraska where prohibited by state or federal law.

Going out of town and live at Rising View?

Will you be gone for more than 5 days? Before you leave to go on deployment, TDY, leave or vacation, you must go into the Rising View Maintenance Office located at 3116 Lockbourne Drive and tell them you are leaving. They will ask you to fill out a While You Are Away form. The form will remind you not to turn the heat off while you are away. You will need to provide them a POC name and phone number of the person who will be handling the snow removal and mowing while you are away. You will then have three choices.

  1. Rising View Maintenance will then enter your home and install a weather light.
  2. Rising View Maintenance enter your home and turn off the water or
  3. Rising View Maintenance will enter your home and install a weather light and turn the water off (recommended). When you return, call Rising View Maintenance at (402) 991-9820 and they will go over and turn the water back on and remove the weather light.
Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are welcome in the Rising View community. There is a one-time, refundable pet fee of $300 due at move-in for up to two pets/household. This pet deposit is refundable as long as there is no pet damage at move out. There is a $15/month fee for a third pet. There is a limit of three pets per household.

Can I get a fence for my yard?

Yes, you have the option of either renting a fence from a local company or purchasing a fence as long as you remove it when you move out. It will need to be professionally installed, black, vinyl, chain link fencing and you will need to notify our Maintenance Office. When you move in we will provide you with additional information to help you with this process.

Where can I park?

We ask that residents use garage and driveway space first (especially during inclement weather). There is on-street parking available as well for those times when extra parking is necessary. Please contact our office if you experience a parking issue.

Can I park my boat or RV in my driveway?

In order to maintain the beauty of the community, we do not allow boats, RVs (e.g., motor homes, travel trailers, ATVs, tent campers, canoes, boats and trailers). RVs are allowed in the community on a short-term basis (less than 72 hours) for loading and unloading purposes.

Where can I place my flag?

We have had a number of questions of where to place flags on the new homes. The only authorized place where a flag can go is on a 20 - 24 section of vinyl siding in between the front porch and the garage. If you choose to do this you must place a piece of weather foam between the back of the flag bracket and the vinyl siding. The flag bracket must be metal and will have to remain in place when you move. In our single family homes along Dow and Carswell, the authorized location for a flag is on the siding by the light for the garage. As in the other authorized locations the bracket must be metal and have a weather gasket placed behind it and must remain after move out.

We realize that each resident would like to put their own touch on the homes appearance. In an effort to maintain a level of uniformity the authorized item for creating a border around the mulch beds at the fronts of the home is the black flexible border. This must be buried and only have 1" to 1 1/2" visible above ground. If you have any other style, this is not authorized.

Just as a reminder any alteration inside or outside must be submitted by way of the email work order request. You will receive an answer back with the authorization or denial and a reason for it.

It's time for us to move out of Rising View, what is the process?

We ask all residents to contact our office at least 60 – 90 days before moving so we can schedule a pre and final. If Resident desires to terminate their Lease at the end of their initial lease term and the Resident is changing duty stations, retiring, or separating, (moving due to orders) the Resident shall give Landlord thirty (30) days written notice prior to the end of the term. Residents terminating this Lease at the end of the initial term for all other reasons, must give notice before the fifth (5th) of the month to be effective on the last day of the month. If said notice is given after the fifth (5th) of the month, Lease termination shall be the last day of the next calendar month following the month in which notice is given. The military member must come in to the Leasing Office to give their notice to vacate. At that time, we set up a pre inspection and a final inspection. For your convenience, we keep an updated list of cleaner's on our website under Current Residents - Cleaning Contractors and we also have the cleaning requirements listed under Current Residents - Cleaning Requirements. If needed, the military member can come in to the office to reschedule/cancel one or both of the inspections at a later point prior to the inspections occurring.